Singapore Motorcycle Servicing


Singapore Motorcycle Servicing

Motorcycle Servicing in Singapore

Motorcycle Servicing in Singapore

The Importance of Motorbike Servicing

Singapore motorcycles have to go for yearly inspection after they reach a certain age. But keeping your motorcycle road worthy is the responsibility of all riders. This is done through servicing. Regular servicing will ensure that your motorcycle remains in tip top condition and to prolong the usability. It will also make it a relatively enjoyable and safer riding experience as compared to moving around in one that is on the verge of a breakdown.

What Does A Motorcycle Servicing Consists Of?

There are various services for the various components of the motorcycle. These are the most common:

Engine Checks

Engine Oil change – the grade used is dependent on the manufacturer and climate in which the motorcycle is ridden in.

Oil filter

Air filter

Spark plug(s)

Replacement / Refilling of coolant as required

Chassis & Braking System

Brake calipers cleaning/ replacing

Brake pistons degreasing

Hydraulic Brake Fluid System checked, topped up or replaced (if required)

Control cables and levers (such as throttle, clutch, brakes) cleaned and lubricated

Adjusting of throttle and clutch

Battery level checked and replaced as required

Front fork – checked for leakages and optimal operation

Rear suspension –checked for leakages and optimal operation

All bolts, nut and fasteners – check and tighten if required

Wheel bearings – check for loose/ wobbly movements

Main and side stands checked and lubricated

Headlight checked for brightness (both high and low beam) - replace if required

Fuel hose checked for leakage

Tyre pressures – checked and pump if necessary

Chain – adjusted and lubricated/ replace if necessary

The Difference Between Full Service vs Regular Service

The most common type of service is the regular service. It is less comprehensive and is cheaper as compared to a full service but the downtime is also much shorter.

A regular service is meant to keep your bike in good condition between full services.

The regular motorbike service will include an engine oil, oil filter, spark plug(s) replacement, and checks to key motorcycle parts including:

Brake calipers

Brake pistons

Chain function

Tyre pressure

What is a Full Service?

A full service is a very detailed inspection and servicing of your motorbike’s components. It might include removing, cleaning of brake calipers and bleeding the brake system. Replacement of scooter transmission/ belting etc.

These helps to identify any potential issues which would help keep you safe on the road.

How often should you service your motorcycle?

The ideal frequency for regular servicing is about:

3,000 km for Class 2B motorbikes or every 6 months depending on which comes first

5,000 km to 8,000 km for Class 2A and Class 2 motorbikes or every 6 months depending on which comes first

With our humid tropical weather, it is advisable to go for regular servicing for your own road safety.

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