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Who We Are

How We Started

Bike Image was setup in year 2005 and has been providing utmost dedicated service to riders ever since. The workshop started off along Macpherson Road with 2 staffs. Through word of mouth and a commitment in producing high quality work, our customer base grew larger over the years. To accommodate to the growing numbers, Bike Image relocated to a larger workshop in Upper Serangoon road in 2012 and most recently to its biggest workshop at Kaki Bukit in 2018. 


At Bike Image, we pride ourselves on getting the job done right for each and every of our riders. Our vision is to provide top notch service at an affordable price. Over the years, we have built a reputation for going the extra mile for our riders. We understand that the world of motorcycles will always be moving with the times. Just 2 decades ago, majority of the motorcycles were run by carburettor. Now, fuel injection are powering the motorcycles. To adapt to the new generation of bikes, Bike Image has sent our staff for a course in Italy back in 2017 to be better equipped with the right skillsets. This will cater to the increasing numbers of fuel injection and euro-compliant motorcycles on our roads today.  

We make it a point to personally understand your bike, your concerns and what we can do to improve on them. After all, we’re riders too.


Growing up in post-independence Singapore, Sam got started in the world of motorcycles from the young age of 12. As he was involved in frequent illegal street races in then-popular spots such as Old Loyang and 99 corners, he became hands-on at modifying his stock TZR engine. It was there that he fell in love with the raw power and exhaust fumes. He went to Thailand after his national service to pursue his dreams of learning everything he could about the motorcycle, from servicing to extreme modification. After a decade, he came back to Singapore and worked with several workshops before finally setting up Bike Image. Sam is proficient in servicing any motorcycle type ranging from the smallest cubs to the luxurious Goldwing. With 36 years of experience under his belt, he is well-versed in his knowledge and skills to tackle even the most challenging tasks.

Personal Motto: “I will personally take additional time to ensure that your ride is done up properly and safely instead of rushing through a job”

Ah Huat

Born in rural Malaysia, Ah Huat depended on motorcycle as a mode of transport the minute both his feet could touch the ground while seated on the bike. He could still remember the first time he rode a bike on his own, the gushing of the wind through his hair and absorbing the elements of nature. That sparked his interest in the motorcycle world. When he completed his primary school education, he was taken in as an apprentice with one of the prominent motorcycle workshops in Malaysia. From there, he went on to 5 other motorcycle workshops where he honed his skills and knowledge with working on the various types of motorcycles. Despite being one of the younger mechanics with Bike Image, Ah Huat has over 20 years of handy experience to ensure that the utmost care is given to your ride.


Being the newest member on the team, Hakim brings along with him an extensive range of experience of 23 years. Born and raised in Malaysia, Hakim was first introduced to the motorcycle when he was just an infant having lived above a motorcycle workshop. As a child, he frequently observes in awe when the mechanics were taking apart and putting back such extensive engine components. The chief mechanic took Hakim under his wing and imparted his skills. Moving to various other motorcycle workshops, Hakim eventually focused his expertise in handling mainly motorcycles up to 200cc. With many loyal customers coming in to look for Hakim, you can be assured of the quality of work and dedication that he has. 

Being the newest member on the team, Ah Wei has the most vigour and hunger to learn. Having
worked previously at Hong Lam Motor for 4 years and at another well-known motorcycle garage in
KL for 5 years before that, Ah Wei is no stranger in the art of motorcycle servicing perfection. Hailing
from Malaysia, Ah Wei naturally was inclined to motorcycles as a young age since the motorcycle is
also family saloon. Learning from his father the basics of motorcycle servicing at the tender age of 8,
he eventually started applying for part time jobs at a motorcycle garage near his school. Ah Wei’s
expertise is in the Class 2Bs. Attention to details is what keeps his riders coming back as well.